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Monday, July 11, 2011


        I have been feeling sorry for myself the last few days.  You know, the usual.  Working too hard, not enough money, missing fun activities, fighting with people...geez - I even feel sorry for myself passionately!
     Tonight I was reminded of how much I have in my life, so I wanted to end the night sending some positive energy into the universe and share a few of the things I appreciated today.
     The sun - it loves me!  No matter how much suntan lotion I use, I always get sunburned.  It also loves my garden and lets beautiful flowers grow all summer.
     Music - It lets me rage when I can't scream on the outside.  It soothes me when I am sad or lonely.  Music helps me find the "just right" words.  Even when the music is gone, it lives on in my head.  It also blocks out someone's snoring while I am writing my blog.  
     Family - I am so lucky to have a family that loves me and one another.  We have our quirks, but there is no lack of love.
     Home - My home is an amazing place - flowers blooming in the kitchen, pets so happy they amaze the vet with how long they live, and people that don't want to leave.  May my home always be a place people look forward to coming to.
     Health - although some days I can't walk or get out of bed, today I had the strength and energy I needed to work in my garden and enjoy the day.
     My four-year-old nephew - his boundless energy exhausts all of us, but without him there would be less love, less joy, less life.
     Thank you, universe, for the amazing beauty and joy today!

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  1. I witness, echo and honor your appreciation, Tiffany. Let it reign.