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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life is my Passion

Today's post is: What is your Number 1 Passion in Life?
     Life is my passion!  It doesn't matter what I do, I bring all my passion to it. 
     When I am at work, I am passionate about every one of my students and spend hours looking for ways to become a better teacher.  
     In the summer my passion is gardening.  I am rewarded with beautiful flowers all summer and delicious food in the fall harvest.  
     I am passionate about learning.  Going to school is one of my favorite things to do.  I have spent most of my life in school.  My goal is to finish my doctorate degree.   
     Writing is another passion.  I have five blogs, so obviously I love writing.  I spend hours writing and rewriting everything I write because I want my words to reflect exactly what I want to say.  Writing helps me process my thoughts and emotions.  Often I do not know what I think until I write about it.  Once I get everything out on paper I can clarify my thoughts and share them with others.  
     I love reading.  I used to read all of the time, but lately I've gotten distracted by other aspects of my life.  When I heard of a reading challenge on Facebook, I decided it was just what I needed to start reading again. The Centurians of 2011 Challenge is to read 111 books in 2011.  I blog a review of each book so I have 
a very literal view of my progress.  It also keeps me motivated to read because I am sharing it publicly with others.  It's July 5 and I should be halfway to my goal, but I am only reading book 27 now.  But that's okay because I love the journey and the books and the blogging.  


  1. A very interesting question that I have been thinking a lot about over the past few weeks myself. Unfortunately, it seems to me that I haven't really found my passion yet. I have really liked things but in the end, one or two things have never "hit me" the way people describe their passions. I don't know...maybe I am being too tough on myself with this kind of thinking but I don't see that I am wrong about this.

  2. Wow, I thought I took on a lot with a goal of reading 50 books in 2011 (I'm working on number 27 now).

    Way to go Tiff!