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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Angels Among Us

     Today I walked among so many angels in disguise.  I am the leader of the National Junior Honors Society at my school.  One of the things we focus on is giving service to others.  Last spring a kindergarten teacher asked us to help make file folder games for her students so they could get extra help with some skills.  This school is a high poverty school with many struggles.  Right after I got the file folder games from her, we had to stop offering service projects for the year.  I lugged them home for the summer and planned to finish them myself, but didn't get it done.
     This week I went on the announcements and asked the kids to consider stopping in to help me.  I didn't know if anyone would because it wasn't the funnest activity offered.  Today, fifteen girls showed up to help.  Most of them weren't even in the honor society.  They just wanted to help the kids.  Several of the girls asked if they could take a few home to work on during their free time this weekend.  One girl stopped by after school to get a few more.  I couldn't believe fifteen teenage girls could be so compassionate and concerned for others.  Not only did they give up a free period activity to help the kids, they were willing to give up their free time this weekend to help the kids.  It touched my heart and gave me hope for the future.
     Another angel was disguised as a nurse today.  My daughter has been very sick for several years with Fibromyalgia.  She has had to drop out of school twice because she has been so sick.  There is one juvenile specialist in my state.  She has a waiting list that ranges from months to years.  Last year when my daughter had to drop out of school for a second time, I called but didn't have the right kind of insurance.  I asked if I could pay it myself and was told it would cost $1,000 a visit.  I was devastated.  There was no way I could pay that, even with the extra jobs I work.
     She dropped out of school and I prayed that she could make it until the fall when I could switch insurance.  I called in September and was put on a waiting list.
     Mandy has been very sick the past few weeks and was worried that she would have to drop out of school for a third time.  I called again yesterday and the nurse told me that she would see what she could do.
     Last night Mandy got up in the middle of the night and passed out cold on the bathroom floor.  After getting her to bed, I stayed up all night to make sure she wouldn't get up and fall again.
     Today, during class, my phone rang in my classroom.  It is not supposed to ring through during class.  Somehow, the nurse managed to get through to tell me that someone had cancelled an appointment two weeks from now, and if I could get the paperwork, she would save the spot for me.  I couldn't thank the woman enough.  She was an amazing angel in my life.
     Another angel took the persona of a fourteen-year-old athletic, popular, special education student.  Although he is in special education classes, he is on the honor roll and the national junior honor society.  He offered to help tutor other special education students during his free period.  Today was his first day.  He went over to an autistic boy that was in tears over his grades and disorganized folder.  The boys hit it off instantly. They scheduled a study date for tomorrow.  Then they walked to class to explain to the boy's teacher why he was late.  On the way, he introduced the boy to all of his friends.  The boy he helped is often bullied and doesn't have any friends.  Today he was friends with a popular 9th grader.  I have never seen such a big smile.
     It was an incredible day.  I was truly blessed to walk among so many angels in my life.

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  1. Ok, that made me cry. Thank you for reminding me that angels walk among us all the time, and for sharing increasingly, incredibly touching stories.

    Sounds like yesterday was a terrific day. Good luck to your daughter, too. I would hug both of you if I could.