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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bedtime Stories

     There is something magical about curling up in bed with your kids and reading a bedtime story together.  I started this tradition as soon as my kids were born.  It is our longest family tradition.  I knew all the great things it would do for my kids, but I didn't know all the great things it would do for me.
     Spending quiet time snuggled up together every night has given us an incredible bond.  When we talk together, we have thousands of characters and scenes to refer to, and it helps us understand one another in ways no one else quite can.  Almost every night they interrupt the story to share their fears, beliefs, or hopes.  Reading together helps us share ourselves with each other.
     I have to actually slow down, snuggle under the blankets and take time to be fully in the moment.  My blood pressure drops and my muscles relax.  At the end of each night's story, I feel young again.
     There is nothing like having my kids snuggle close, wrap their arms around me while I read, and say, "I love you, Mom."
     Time goes so fast.  I am so grateful each night they aren't too old for stories with mom.     

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