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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Greed

     Hours after celebrating a day giving thanks for all we have, people trampled one another in their greed for more.  People left stores black and blue, battered, crying, terrified, and in one case, stepped over as he lay dying on the floor.
     This is a sad commentary on one of the richest countries in the world.  In a world where most people live off less than a dollar a day, we each consume a cities worth of goods a day and throw away a feast because we have too much.
     Some justified the day as "fun" or "bargain shopping" or as "necessary in a bad economy."  How do any of these words equate to what happened?  How did stepping over someone as he lay dying become the deal of a lifetime?
     We worship the mighty dollar and lose the meaning of Christmas.  If Jesus was there helping the man up and carrying him to heaven, I am sure he wept at what he saw us doing in his name.   


  1. Amen!!!

    I'm with you Tiff. I believe Black Friday, and all of the consumerism and materialism that comes along with it, is a symptom of just how sick and ridiculous our society has become.

  2. My post for yesterday was on a similar topic. I just got back from Thanksgiving with relatives in southern California, where people were in tents outside of Best Buy just to get a chance to spend money they don't have. It's all a mess.