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Thursday, November 3, 2011


     Lately death has been stalking the corners of my world, so today brings endless gratitude.
     Four students have been hit by cars the past few weeks; only 2 survived.  My friend watched a boy die today and can't wrap her mind around the size of the loss.  I am so grateful that my children are here with me, safe in bed for a little longer.
     Another student asks why she even lives in a world that is so full of violence and hate.  I stammer over an answer.  My small answers pale next to her story of abuse.  I am grateful that she is in my life and pray my answers might be enough for her to last another day.
     Today I am grateful that as winter sets in, John is returning to his art.  Last winter it was often the only thing that quieted the voices in his head.  I am grateful for quiet minds.
     I am thankful for a son who is growing to be an incredible young man, although he faces challenges no one else can see.  I am grateful for a daughter who forgives my bad example and is learning to let it just be good enough.
     I am grateful for laughter.  I can never have enough laughter in my life.
     I am grateful for the strength that saved me in the dark times and the strength that lets me carry others when the road gets too hard to climb.
     Most of all I am thankful for my life and all its vast complications and stress and goodness and love.  Although I don't always understand, and even less often appreciate it all, I am truly blessed to travel this road with you.

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