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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hollow Spaces

     When you never had the love you needed as a child, you struggle to fill the emptiness with anything that will get you through another day.  It is never enough.  
     I promised to never have hollow children.  I am so used to stuffing the hollow places, I don't know what to do for people that are already full.  They are stuffed so much, they rage against the stifling love I offer.  I know I am doing it, but I float outside myself and watch it all unfurl.    
       I'm finding my way back, breathing, trying to find balance, forgiving myself for my mistakes.  It's hard for this hollow person to know what to do when I can't fill the holes in their lives.

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  1. *HUGS*

    Maybe try saving a little love for yourself. There is enormous value in wanting the best for others and doing our best to provide it. that means it *is* ok to not stuff all the corners.

    I think... maybe what you don't know is that the love a child receives doesn't stuff them, but it teaches them to fill the remaining corners with their own self-love, in the form of self confidence, self acceptance, etc. Does that make sense? Also, there needs to be a few corners left open for love of spouse and children some day.

    Struggling with the analogy now, but I hope I made sense. *HUGS* You *do* have value. I hope you can see it.

    Also.. great post!