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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Honoring Your Memory

     Most of us cheated death today and we wore masks to celebrate, invisible or not.  We talked around the the important things and we rushed through our day.  We tried not to ponder time or death.  Our minds were unable to hold infinity for long, so we stared at our computers and our televisions, wondering how we got so old.  Life was supposed to happen by now, wasn't it?  How could it pass us by when we've been waiting for it to start?
     Halloween wasn't the same this year without you here to share it with me.  Just knowing you weren't somewhere on this planet with me, sharing a favorite holiday, made it hard to move.  I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide, but I couldn't do that to you.  Instead, I refocused today to celebrate your life.  I got up early and made Halloween muffins to surprise the kids.  We put candles in them and started the day with wishes.  I led class celebrations of our hard work this quarter.  I comforted a friend and read bedtime stories by firelight while the kids roasted marshmallows.
     I hope the veil was thin today, so you could see the difference you made, even now.  I love you.  No one should have to die alone, feeling unloved and misunderstood.  Happy Halloween.

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