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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Things Mean so Much

     Sometimes we are so busy waiting for those big moments to make a difference, we let the little moments slip away unnoticed.  For me, those little moments make life worth living.
     Today was my turn to go on the morning announcements at school and share something I am thankful for.  I told the story of my grandma and the amazing difference she has made in my life just by the kind words she says to me.  Sometimes she gets tired of life and says she's ready to go home.  The first time she talked like that, I made her promise to hang on until the George Strait concert.  It was the best I could do, knowing the huge crush she had on him.  It was her first concert and she danced and sang and giggled over how hot he was.  We made a deal that night - any time George is in town, we will go together.  Such a little thing and it means so much to her.  Every time I see her, she talks about how wonderful it was to see George.  She even sleeps in her George Strait night shirt so she can say she's sleeping with George.  It is wonderful to give back a little something for a woman who has given me so much.
     A huge Office Depot box was delivered to my classroom today.  I knew I hadn't ordered anything, so I eagerly opened the box.  Inside was a note from my friends at the elementary school I interned at this summer telling me how much they loved and missed me.  Under the note were four packages of the cookies we loved sharing over the summer.  I couldn't stop grinning the rest of the day because someone loved me enough to send me a care package.  I'm sure if you asked Jana, she would say it wasn't a big deal to send a gift, but it was huge deal to me.  I was a better teacher today because I knew someone cared about me.
     My sister saw a homeless man sleeping in the park today, as she took her daughters to school.  She went home to get him warm clothes, some food, and a bit of money for the bus.  By the time she returned, he had moved on, convinced no one would actually come back to help him.  When she finally found him and sent him on his way, she felt small next to the enormity of his problems.  Everyone kept telling her how amazing she was to help the man, but she humbly wished she could do more.  She doesn't know what today meant to this man or how much of a difference she made.  I know she changed several lives today, his, and all of us who will think of her as we truly look at people in our lives, rather than just seeing through them.   

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