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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Power of 1

      Today is a once in a lifetime day according to the numbers.  11-11-11.  A day that opens a spiritual awakening on the planet.  People lined up to get married, play the lottery and make wishes.  We all hold our breath waiting for a hero, a savior, a number alignment, anything or anyone to save us.  We don't see the people here already saving us from ourselves.
     The soldiers who sacrifice their lives, their health, their families and jobs to protect us, defend us, and help people in need on either side of the fight.  So many men and women forgotten when they return.  We  are patriotic until we pass the homeless vets on the streets and turn our heads the other way.
     The police officers who risk everything every day for anyone that calls in for help.  Modern day superheroes we thank with derogatory slurs.
     People who risk reputation, career, and safety to come out of the closet to tell kids it gets better.  They couldn't do it for themselves, but find the strength for bullied and suicidal teens.
     Amy never met a dog she didn't love.  She is tireless in her search for good homes for abandoned dogs across Virginia.  Through her pictures, writing, and fundraising, she helps them find homes all over the country.
      So many people surround us, showing us the true power of 1.  1 person makes a difference in the world.
So on this magical day, 11-11-11, I drink a toast to all the ones out there changing the world on all the other days we don't notice.   

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  1. beautifully said... I wrote a similar post myself today... when each One of us speaks our hearts, gives thanks, honors another, we become so much more than one.