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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


     Today is November 30.  The month has finally come to an end.  Tonight ends the challenge I never thought I could do - commit to blogging every day for a month.  It seems so easy when it's written like that.  It doesn't explain how many days I wanted to give up, to say it's too hard, the nights I wrote with my brain half-asleep, or the days I thought I had nothing to say.
     This was a wonderful experience for me for those very reasons that made it so hard.  I learned that I can persevere through the rough days, whether they be mental, physical, or emotional.  I usually start things and then drop them when things get hard.  I can't tell you how many times I have tried to finish a novel...or start it, for that matter.
     I learned that even on the days I think I have nothing to say, I can open my heart and it will tell me what I need to feel and express.  Writing every night helped me feel better, think clearly, and sleep deeply.  Usually November is one of my weakest months physically and emotionally, but this month was a totally different experience.
     I learned to trust myself and feel confident in what I have to say.  Sometimes very few people read my posts, and that is okay, because I write for myself so I can make sense of my life.  Sometimes lots of people read my blog and that has helped me believe in myself.  I've come a long way from letting the voices in my head tell me that my writing is not good enough.  Being chosen as the blog of the day and having over 400 readers yesterday made me feel that I can speak up and be heard.  It has begun to bleed over into my daily life.  Today I spoke up several times on issues that I felt strongly about, when only a few days ago, I would have let my silence be heard as approval.
     Writing each day has helped me see myself and my family in new ways.  I have gained a new appreciation for all of my life, the worst life has to offer and the moments I will cherish forever.   
     I thought I would be eager to call this the end and going back to posting when something grabs me and won't let go until I get it down on this figurative paper, but I was wrong.  I plan on continuing this through December.  I may not make every day, but I know I can, and that makes me thrilled to give all kinds of new things a try.  So rather than goodbye, I wish you a goodnight.

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  1. Congrats on your outstanding accomplishment Tiff. Amazing how the simple act of following through in one area radiates into other areas of your life. Great work. Can't wait to see what December brings.