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Friday, December 9, 2011

The Gift of Lighting the Darkness

     In these troubled times, we long for heroes to shine their lights in the darkness and lead us to the other side.  We are the rays of  light in one another's lives, keeping the darkness at bay.
     We light the darkness when we take a stand for what is right, even at huge personal risk.  We fight valiantly to the end, even when the odds are infinitely high.  We follow an ethical code and live a life of integrity, rather than taking the easy way out.  We take personal accountability for our mistakes and never make the same mistakes again.  We slow down and take the time to actually see people in need, not just the things we didn't finish off our endless lists.  We honor our elders and celebrate our young.  We tend to the wounded and reassure the timid.  We smile at the lovers and mourn with the lost.  We inspire others to follow our lead and add their own lights as a beacon for others to follow.
     When I am lost in the darkness, I look for the people that glow with light and love.  They are the ones that can lead me to safety.  I cannot follow the others, like me, who are lost in the darkness.  It's too easy to fall into the abyss.  I surround myself with peaceful energy and positive people until my light shines again.  Then I go back for the ones I left in the darkness and use my light to lead them home.
     May you always find light in the darkness when you are lost, and may you shine brightly for the others when you are found.  

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