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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Gift of Tomorrow

     Time is one of my most precious gifts.  Without time, everything loses its meaning.  When a moment of pure joy enthralls me, I wish I could stop time and keep the moment forever.  Knowing me, I would get bored and want to experience something new.  Endlessly reliving my darkest moments is an obvious version of Hell I do not need.  I do that well enough on my own.  
     With the gift of time, comes the gift of tomorrow.  No matter how wonderful or devastating today was, everything will change tomorrow.  You may not see drastic changes, but there will be changes.  The sea continually washes away the sand, but if you watch carefully, new patterns emerge, seashells wash ashore, and sometimes hermit crabs come out to play.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.    
     Yesterday was one of the bleakest days yet for my family, but today brought so many gifts:  sunshine, music,  good news, a cookie, time to laugh with my daughter and cry with my son,  homemade worry dolls to sing to, fresh starts, and a chance to make a difference for someone else.  Tomorrow made all the difference.

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