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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Steps to Letting Go

     As a recovering perfectionist, I am following the wise advice of Doctor Marvin in my favorite movie What About Bob? and taking baby steps to letting go.  
Baby Step #1 - Stop Saying Yes
     Yesterday my friend Renae reminded me that not saying yes is not the same as saying no.  She is so right.  It is my first baby step.  I have a 30+ year habit of saying yes to everything and then feeling resentful at the people who asked me.  For the past ten days I have not said yes to any new commitments, including volunteering for any new jobs or responsibilities.  I

Baby Step #2- Let Go of the Negative Self-Talk
     My poor soul listens to all kinds of trash talk that I wouldn't let anyone else ever say to me.  It is unconscious, but now when I hear it, I stop it.  I'm doing pretty good, except when I catch my reflection.  For now I'm avoiding mirrors as much as possible until I have mastered this baby step a little more.

Baby Step #3 - Let Go of the Weight
     I have plenty of excuses about my weight - some valid and some are just excuses - but the results are still the same.  I am letting go of the weight by jogging in my virtual shower cap, eating better, walking around as much as I can at work, and then letting my energy focus on all the other great things in my life, rather than obsessing on my weight.  

Baby Step #4 - Say Yes to Me
     Like many working parents, the only times I make an appearance on my to-do list is when I need to do an errand like go to the dentist to fix my tooth.  By saying yes to everyone else, there is never time for me.  I have spent years waiting to finish this infinite to-do list so I can finally do all the things I want to do.   It is time to say yes to myself and spend time doing the things I love.  


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  1. 1) What an awesome movie that was.

    2) I have never had a problem with steps one and is two and especially three that are my downfall.

    Hopefully 2012 will be the year for letting go for both of us.