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Sunday, March 4, 2012

It Just Sucks Sometimes

It sucks to miss a boy who should have been 16 today
to see his face smile back at me through my tears and
wonder what should have been and how to let him go.

It sucks to love a boy of my own, fighting all his demons,
standing at the gates of Hell to bring him back from death,
trying to lead him through the woods to a moment of sun.

It sucks to be helpless to do more than scream silently 
praying someone, anyone, will pick up on my frequency
and get through my defenses and take care of me today.

It sucks to see the sins of the parents on my childrens' heads,
teaching them love will just have to be enough for all of us,
wishing they got to see the beauty before they lived life raw.

It sucks to be Atlas when everyone goes home for the night,
and it sucks to be everything and nothing at the same time,
to be the lucky one and unable to just be human for a day.

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