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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If Love were a Whisper

"If love were a whisper, what could I give you to speak?"
- Matchbox 20 in the song "Can't Let You Go"

     Words.  They hold so much power.  Even when we can't communicate by sound, our hands make words and phrases to express what we are trying to say.  Our minds translate everything in our world into words.  Few of us think in pictures.  
     Babies and children become frustrated when we cannot understand what they are trying to say.  We never outgrow that frustration.  Our moments of rage are fueled by the betrayal of not being understood.  How could he do this to me?  She should have known that would hurt me.  So often we think people prove their love by reading our minds.  If they really love me, they would just know what ...I need....I mean...I want....I feel....  It is so true, it is a running joke between the sexes.  When a woman says, "Wow!"  It doesn't mean, "Wow!  That is terrific!"  It means, "Wow! I didn't know anyone could really be that stupid."        
     All of us want to be heard.  Truly heard.  Understood.  And loved anyway.  We want it so much, we are ashamed.  We try to push it down.  Not care.  Be tough.  We learn early on how cold the world is and how deep the pain can go.  Better to push up the collar on our jacket, thrust our hands in the pockets, and turn our backs on the world.  Hurt first before you get hurt.  It is just a facade for the tenderest of hearts.
     When we finally break down and share our deepest fears...our secrets...our dreams...we just want to be heard.  No need to fix it.  No need to "do" anything.  Just "be" with us in this moment.  Be there...totally in the moment.  Just listen.  You will suddenly have a forever friend.
     All of us search for a way to show the world who we are.  I write random words to myself as I struggle to make sense of my world.  Some create buildings or art or websites.  Others dress up in costumes and meet other costumed people to reenact the favorite characters they love.  Some write songs that change the world.  Others create movies that leave us with a new view of ourselves.  It is the magic of seven billion people who share this fragile planet together composing and singing and dancing and writing and sharing and talking and always looking for the one who matches our piece of the symphony.  
     Sing your song.  Write your words.  Share your vision.  There is only one of you and the world needs your voice.  Without you, we are all a bit incomplete.  Together, we sparkle with magic the universe has never seen.     

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