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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My "Soul"stice

     Today I celebrate my "Soul"stice on the first day of summer.  A symbolic day of deep personal meaning.  I greeted the day by  cutting the dead wood and overgrowth from my lilac bush.  No small feat - the bush is nearly twenty feet tall and 12 feet deep.  It took me several hours, but as I began to work, small wonders appeared.  I had no idea that there are actually two bushes inside the leaves.  Once I cleared out the undergrowth a bit, I looked up and found a bird's nest that I couldn't find last year.  I knew I had baby Magpies hopping around my yard, but couldn't ever find where they came from.  Somehow the nest survived the winter and stayed patiently waiting for me to discover it today.  
     I have learned a lot about myself the past few weeks.  The only thing my soul needs is love.  When I feel worthless and unloved, I stop being strong in myself.  When I am weak, I am easily manipulated.  I depend too much on what other people think of me.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Stupid things make me laugh until I cry when I've pushed my feelings way too deep for too long.  
     As the sunlight fades on the longest day of the year, I celebrate the woman I am today and thank the woman I was yesterday for doing the very best she could.  Together we clear out the clutter we fill our life with to see there is beauty; there is life.  

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