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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life is Fleeting, but Love is Eternal

     Yesterday Mandy and I talked about expectations...and life...and love...and all the other random thoughts that came up as we sat sewing together.  We decided that life, and love, have a way of surprising us and taking us places we never dreamed of at the start of the journey.  Isn't amazing that the life we get is so wonderful that most of us wouldn't trade it for the life we thought we wanted - the children we weren't expecting or the person we never wanted to love or the pets we didn't want or the job that was only temporary?  It amazes me that God, or whoever guides me with such loving grace, knows exactly what we need, even in the darkest nights of despair.
     We all have challenges in life, and I am amazed by people who overcome the toughest times imaginable with courage and quiet strength.  They inspire me to look beyond my little world and see what true strength and faith look like from the ones who are masters of the lessons I am beginning.  Jennifer Dempsey is one of these women.
     After losing her son in a tragic accident, she discovered her baby daughter Joscelyn has horrible seizures that can leave her paralyzed and permanently disabled.  Tonight Joscelyn had half of her brain removed in hopes of saving the other half.  I followed Jennifer's updates all day and marveled at her strength in an unimaginable time.  She posted a blog entry about her dreams for her baby and how they had changed into new dreams.  She has such simple dreams for Joscelyn.  Things that I take for granted as a mother.  She reminds me that life is fleeting, but love is eternal.  Life is much more precious to me tonight as I send my prayers, love, and healing thoughts to Jocelyn and Jennifer.  You can follow their story at  

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