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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Quarter Century of Love

     "How are you today?"
     "In love."
     Summer has always been our time.  Our first summer, I was lost.  I was scared.  I was broken.  The love of my life was getting married to someone else and I was determined to be gracious in love and wish them well.  John stayed by my side and even made me laugh once or twice.  On the way home, he told me he loved me.
     A lot can happen in twenty-five years, even to people like us.  Love affairs aren't ever the perfect arc we imagine them to be.  Yet, here we are, together.  My best friend and my love.  For better and for worse.  

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  1. Such a lovely post. I enjoy reading posts of people who found each other and are deeply in love. Enjoy each moment of it. My 1st hubby passed away 7 years ago, but he is carried with me everywhere. I am lucky to have found love again last year, so I am seizing the moment!