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Monday, January 21, 2013

Racism is Alive and Well

     Racism is alive and well in America.  I don't care what political party you belong to or how you feel about who is in office.  I don't care where you stand on abortion or gun control.  But at least have the dignity to call it what it is.  Fox News can choose to shut down for routine maintenance for twelve hours.  It is unbelievably rude to stop showing your channel because you disagree with the president, but you do have a right to free speech that I will defend.  But when you spend those twelve hours showing a montage of white faces, you have gone beyond a differing viewpoint.  You have shown racism to be alive and well in America.
     My family were immigrants.  Most of us were.  I only have a few friends who count native American heritage in their genes.  My family was fortunate that they could come to America for a fresh start away from the political and religious persecution that existed for them.  America was proud to be a country that welcomed all of us with open arms.  When did we become the persecution instead of the ones helping the oppressed?

     I cannot speak for how Martin Luther King, Jr. would feel today.  I wish I could say I knew the man and marched with him arm in arm.  I can only say what his life, his words, and his sacrifice, as well as countless others have done for me.  Because of him, students of all colors and nationalities can learn together in my school.  My children can grow up in a world where even a poor boy with a mixed background can be president.  He taught me to be human.
     Why is there so much hatred for a color?  Why is being different so threatening?  Are we really that insecure in ourselves that we can see no value in anyone else?
      It is easy to become angry at the way the world is.  That is how violence begins, isn't it?  Violence never heals.  It merely breaks us further apart from one another.  
     Today, although the world is full of hatred and bitterness and racism, I am choosing love.  I shall follow in my idol's footsteps and bring about peaceful revolution in my part of the world.  I will bring everyone I meet love.  I hope you will join me in continuing his dream.

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  1. "Are we really that insecure in ourselves that we can see no value in anyone else?" That line blew me away because it is so true. How sad that the divide between certain groups grows each day simply because we can't see the value in others or their differing opinions. Some people would disagree with you and say that racism isn't prevalent in the US, but I think those are the exact people who cover their eyes and choose not to see the damage caused by their words and actions. So, I agree with you: Racism is alive and well in America. In fact, it's thriving.

    Just think what a force of good the world would be if we, as humans, didn't allow fear to guide our thoughts and beliefs.