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Friday, August 23, 2013

Prayers and Faith and Feathers are Funny Things Sometimes

     Prayers and faith and feathers are funny things sometimes.  Sometimes they are answered in mysterious ways.  Today one of the people I work with came to work in a panic because her husband had just gotten a full time job.  He has always been at home with the kids.  He won't make enough money for a while so she can stay home, but she has never had to worry about finding someone to take care of her kids before and now she needs someone before Monday.  She confided in her mentor at work who came downstairs to see if we knew of anyone who could help.  For some reason, I was standing in the office right then and had the feeling Mandy would want to help.  I told the woman I would call Mandy and see what she thought.      Before I could call, the teacher came down almost in tears to thank me.  She said, "When I found out he got the job last night, I fell to my knees and prayed.  I told God, 'If this is meant to happen, you have to help me find someone to take care of my babies, and I need it by Monday.'  Then the next thing I know there is someone who might be able to help me.  You are truly the answer to my prayers."
     I called Mandy and told her what the woman had said.  We made arrangements to have them meet later in the day.  A few minutes later I walked out of the office to help with lunch and in the middle of the hall was a feather.  It wasn't by the door or any windows and no one was around.  I knew it was meant to be.
     When Mandy got there, I showed her the feather and told her the story.  She smiled and said, "Remind me to tell you a funny story later."  We went upstairs to meet the teacher.  As soon as she saw Mandy, she offered her the job and without hesitation, Mandy said "Yes."
     Later as we were out on our walk, I reminded her to tell me her funny story.  She said, "After I heard that she thought I was the answer to her prayers and got off the phone with you, I got down on my knees and prayed. 'God, if I am the answer to her prayers, you are going to have to help me so I don't let her down.  Help me be able to take good care of the babies.'  I bet that was the same time you walked out of the office and saw the feather.  When you told me that and showed me the feather, I knew that my prayers were answered, too."
     Prayers and faith and feathers are funny things sometimes.  

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