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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life is a Miracle

     The moment I saw this ball of fluff, I fell in love.  

     This boy had his heart broken when our pet gerbil died.  He wasn't sure he could ever love another pet again because it was too scary to be so vulnerable.  She healed his heart with her kisses.  She adored Nick, and kissed him every time she saw him.

    This cute girl named her Floppy because she had always wanted a bunny named Floppy as a little girl.  She definitely fit her name with her cute floppy ears.

     Not only did she have all of us wrapped around her finger, she even got this guy to fall madly in love with her.  


     She was so beautiful.  I loved her lioness mane around her neck.  

     She loved being outside on the deck and out in the grass near the garden.  

My favorite moments were having her jump in my lap and start kissing me.  She loved to do that when I had lots of homework to do.  I loved those excuses to be in the moment.    

She absolutely loved sitting in the beanbags.  Sometimes she would share and sit on my lap.  Sometimes she pushed me out of the beanbag and would lay there like the queen.  She liked to sit with all of us in the family room.
She died unexpectedly on a chilly fall day, September 27.  I wasn't here, but John told her how much each one of us loved her and sang to her as she started her new adventures.  I am sad, but I am happy to have a reason to hurt.  Without loving her so much, I wouldn't have a reason to hurt so much, and life wouldn't be the miracle it is.  

May the angels take good care of you until we meet again.  I love you, sweet girl.  Thanks for helping all of us learn to love again.

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