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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lost in a Crazy System

     I hate money.  It always seems people have too much or too little.  I know it can't buy happiness.  I like the feeling that I have enough to give it away to people in need without worrying that I will need it.
     Unfortunately that hasn't been happening much lately.  I have avoided this topic because there are so many other people in lots worse situations than I am, but today pushed me over the edge.
     Most of you know that John stayed home with the kids as they grew up.  It made sense at the time.  I was already teaching and had insurance, while he was still in school.  There were many days I wished it was me staying home, but I was glad they had their dad.  As they got older, he began to struggle with mental illness.  We still don't know why or what is going on.  Every time we see someone new, he gets a new diagnosis.  The medications keep changing and none of them have really helped.  The newest idea is to get an MRI of his brain and see if there are any tumors or lesions that could be the trouble.  
      With the medical bills, student loans, the $1,100 I owed Argosy for taking a break, and other unexpected things happening, we got behind.  I keep doing more jobs, but I still can't seem to catch up.  With John's illness, he is unable to work, and too proud to be on disability.  I have been trying to talk to the bank about options for paying the mortgage.  It's only a few weeks behind, but it has been for over a year.  It's not enough to default, but enough I keep getting threatening letters from the bank.  The credit counselor sent me forms to fill out before she can help me.  All of the options have to do with foreclosure.  I called the bank again and had to keep punching zero for forty minutes before I could make the computer frustrated enough to get a real live person to help me.  She transferred me to another computer where I did the same thing again.  When I finally found another person, he told me to go to the website and get a credit counselor.  I told him I already did, but wasn't in default.  I told him I wanted to avoid that and work out a plan with the bank now.  He gave me another phone number with another computer....  Basically he said I have to be in default before anyone will help me.  What?  If I am willing to do what I can now, why would they rather have me not pay them for another month or two and risk my house so I might be able to get help?  I feel like I am in the movie Brazil.  

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