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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Woman's Worth

     Tonight my daughter read me online comments about Elliot Roger.  I was horrified at the things people were saying about women they didn't know.  Of course online comments from anonymous people are not reliable sources of information, but it makes me sad that their comments mirror so many news stories lately.
     I want my daughter to know that she has worth because of who she is, not because of how she looks, who she chooses to share her body with or who she chooses not to be with.  I want her to be strong enough to make her own decisions and be proud of who she is.  I see so many people her age defining themselves by men.  Some are marking time until finding completion in a man.  Others have sex thinking they are controlling their lives and calling the shots while living with the harsh judgments of both men and women.  Others are called horrible names because they don't want to have sex with anyone.
     I want her to know that she has the power to decide what is best for her in her own time, not anyone else's time.  It doesn't matter how rich, handsome, polite, or how anything a person is.  That doesn't obligate her to sleep with anyone.  She has value because she is smart, funny, talented, caring, empathetic, and so many other qualities that have nothing to do with her body.
     I can't change the world's view, but I can give her the strength to keep from being broken by the world's misogynistic views.  

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