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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Learning to Love Veruca Salt, Golden Eggs, and Nut-Sorting Squirrels

     The people I dislike most often end up being my favorites because they teach me things about myself.  One of the greatest and most challenging parts of my life is that I get to work with all kinds of new people every day.  I like to think this is one of my strengths, but there are some people that I still struggle with.  One is entitled people because they often have a disregard for others.
     I have met many in my life, but I never handle it well.  Sometimes I let the other person's wants consume me until I am invisible.   I have tried ignoring the situation in hopes it would go away.  For awhile I was so angry, I fought everyone and everything in a Hunger Games mentality.
     I played with this a little bit last year and did much better than usual.  I guess that was my practice for this summer.  The funny thing about life lessons is that you never know they are coming.  It's too soon to know how I did yet, but if I failed this lesson again, it was a new approach I can add to my "Well, that didn't work" list.  At least I don't keep making the same mistakes in the same way.
     I was feeling annoyed and angry the past few days, but now I think I am lucky to have the chance to finally pass the test this time around.    

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