My Leap List

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Leap List

     I don't like bucket lists.  I don't like the focus on death.  Other people take it and do amazing things with their lives.  Not me.  I just get depressed at all of the great things I can't do for a variety of reasons, start resenting my life, and missing all the great things that happen to me every day because they aren't big enough to be on my bucket list.
     I decided to make a list of all those little amazing things that I never knew I needed in my life.  I'm calling it my leap list because it helps me focus on leaping over those bumps in the road until I can fly.  This is my list so far.

  1. Riding a train through the countryside
  2. Meeting some of my heroes:  Henry Winkler and Patrick Stewart, and getting to meet one of Mandy's heroes, Sean Astin
  3. Having a cat lie on my chest, wrap her paws around my neck, put her face on my cheek and fall asleep
  4. Eating a Fudgesicle, having the cat jump up on my chest, and start licking the other side
  5. Lots of great concerts
  6. Getting a tattoo
  7. To be continued...

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