My Leap List

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Grace Under Fire

     I often feel like a tourist on this blue planet of ours.  Perhaps all of us do, especially now.  The world is perched on the edge with baited breath.  Will we choose love and peace or will we destroy each other and the world in the process?  The macrocosm plays out in an endless cycle of war and hate and racism and politics and...And...AND...infinite noise that drains us, while the microcosm world moves quietly behind the scenes.  
     I used to be a cynic and it made me cruel.  I hated the world and I hated everyone in it and most of all I hated me.  I too was perched on the edge with bated breath, hoping it would be my last one.  In a moment of grace, I chose life and I chose love and I chose faith.  I have been through the fires and emerged through the grace of God to help others through the darkness.  
     There are so many who have lent me their lights in my darkest times.  One of the best people I know lost her mother today.  She stayed with her all night, holding her hand like she promised her mom she would.  She held her mother in her arms whispering the names of all the people who loved her as she passed into the next world.  So much love.  So much grace even in the darkest moments.  If only all of us could be so loved.  If only all of us could forget our own needs and give such love to another.  What an amazing world.  Some might call it heaven on Earth.  
      There will always be things that we can choose to separate us from the others.  It doesn't really matter if we choose a color, a belief, a gender, an amount of money, who we love, our philosophy, or any other way we divide us from them.  It has made us cynical- bitter, cold, scared, and lonely.  We are in fiery times, but we can emerge reborn and purified.  We can be the miracle someone needs, the light flickering in the darkness when hope is nearly gone, the one to make a heaven of the hell someone is living in.  We have so much power as infinite beings of stardust.  We can emerge from the fire with a grace that can save us from ourselves.  The world waits with us on the brink of our choice.