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Monday, October 10, 2016

     My friend often reminds me that there are things worse than death.  Many people I know who struggle with chronic illnesses, anxiety, depression, and mental illness would probably agree.  The bravery it takes to suffer through their daily existence goes unnoticed by those of us on the other side.  The hard thing is that we often think our reality and struggles are immeasurably harder than anything anyone else is going through or has gone through.  It becomes one more way to divide us instead of bringing us together.  
     I am sad at the world, lately.  Sad at how many ways there are to keep us from really talking, from reaching out and understanding each other, from finding ways to build; rather than destroy.  Politics, religion, gender, sexuality, race, and so many other things we use to divide ourselves and find reasons to hate.  We lament that there aren't heroes anymore but struggle to take a stand ourselves.  
     Some say that we are here to learn and perfect ourselves to return to God.  Others say Earth is Hell, while others say this life is all there is.  To me, it doesn't matter which is true, because the answer is the same.  If I am perfecting myself and learning lessons to return to God, I need every minute I can get because I have a long way to go.  If this is Hell on Earth, I refuse to let the darkness win.  I will do everything I can to make it bearable for the people who have to suffer here with me.  If this is all we have, I am going to make this worth having.  
     If we all live each day trying to make life better for just one other person, death would be the worse thing we could experience.  It is a dark time for many of us, but love has always been stronger than hate.  I hope that we realize that before it is too late.  

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  1. I wrote a little about this in my last blog post, but there are so many days for me, personally, where I would prefer death to the pain and anxiety and literal immobility caused by my disabilities. And honestly - the thing that keeps me fighting and keeps me positive (most days) is my support group- trying to stay strong so it's easier on my friends and family. But it is unspeakably exhausting and feels impossible so many days. I guess we can only take it one day or one hour at a time - all of us. It's hard for everyone. So I send you and yours extra love and light today my friend. Thank you for being strong and brave for those who rely on you. Take care of yourself too because you are holding so much, let those who can, carry some of the weight when you need it. Love you!