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Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Dearth of Love on All Sides

     I believe we were all put here together at this time, in this place, for a reason.  Every person I meet is here to teach me a lesson or to learn something from me.  I am only just beginning to process some of the lessons from the past few days.
      My friends and family are in turmoil.  Some of the people I most love and admire are so wounded right now, they are saying and doing things that they would never have done before.  Some are shaming the people wearing safety pins and arguing what it really means about us as a country that we voted the way we did.  Others are arguing about whether we should come together as a country or if that makes us a (fill in the blank) "ist" for giving in.
      I am worried about what we have taught the people who watch and emulate us most - our children.  Many are frightened because they feel all of our emotions and hear our sound bites, but they don't know what it means for them.  One of my friends is an assistant principal at an elementary school near me.  She overheard some of her little ones telling another child that his grandparents wouldn't be able to come home from their church mission out of the country because we were building a wall to keep them out.  Someone posted hate messages at Mandy's school that scared me.  I had to tell her to keep being who she is in the world, but to be careful.  The 8th graders in my friend's class told him Tuesday was the last day we would be America.  Our choices have impacted them deeply.  We will only know how much as we see the people they choose to grow into.
     I don't have the answers for any of us; I don't even have the answers for myself.  I don't believe there is a right way to grieve, or a right way to fight, or a right way to change the world.  I don't know how much strength it may take for someone to wear that safety pin in public.  There is enough pain in the world without causing more amongst ourselves.  There is a dearth of love and compassion from people on all sides of the political fence.  All I do know is I am going to fight against hatred and isms and injustice, but I will tread carefully.  I will reflect on my own actions and words so I can be part of the solution, not another part of the hatred and pain.  I will focus on making my part of the world a little lighter, a little more peaceful, and a little more full of understanding and love.  These are my gifts.  You may think I am naive, but love is my answer.