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Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Beginnings

     Nick has been fighting anxiety for a long time.  Often it causes hallucinations and panic attacks that keep him from leaving the house.  When he was 10 his doctor told me he would probably become agorophobic and unable to leave the house.  We have seen many doctors and therapists and tried numerous kinds of medicine, but it hasn't helped much.  I wasn't even sure he would be able to graduate because even doing school online was too much for him to do each day.  He turns 18 in four months and that has added intensity to all of our decisions for him.
     Two weeks ago he went to his doctor for his regular appointment.  She decided that it was time to have a difficult conversation with him.  She told him that we need to face the idea that he may never be able to get a job to support himself and he may need to apply for disability.  However, to qualify later he would need to work eight quarters (2 years) to show that he had tried.  That was a hard thing for him to tell me, but he was brave in trying to face his reality.
     The next day Nick told me he was going to apply for a job at his school so he could start working towards having the two years he would need.  He went to his school, filled out an application, and got the job the next day.  This week he got a bank account, met with his counselor to find out what he needs to do to graduate in May, made a new plan to finish the requirements for school, and asked me to give him advice on doing well at work.  Tomorrow is his first day.  I am nervous, and excited, and proud of him for making a difficult decision to even try to do something that is so hard.  

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