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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One Month Down

     January is one of the months I dislike the most, but this year I experienced every day of it outside.  I set four goals for the month to help me get to my 2017 resolutions.  I promised myself I would share with everyone to keep myself accountable.
     Goal 1 - Post 4 or more blog entries for my emotional health.  I posted a blog entry on my other blog about a book I read and tonight's reflection is the 3rd post on this blog for a total of four.
     Goal 2 - Read 5 books for my mental challenge.  I didn't quite make this goal.  I'm on book 5 now.  I am proud that I did lots more reading this month with 1, 451 pages.
     Goal 3 - My spiritual goal is to help others, so I started working on a baby gift for my friend, and volunteered to be part of the "Lock Up Your Teacher" fundraiser at work.  The kids raised over $1,600 to buy diapers for the babies in the women's shelter.
     Goal 4 - My physical goal is to get healthy and give up Pepsi.  I did surprisingly well for the exercise part since I hate exercising, but I am still struggling with giving up the soda.  My goal was to walk 50 miles in January and to walk every day in January.  I decided to only count intentional miles outside of work and other obligations even though that wasn't required.  I also decided to do it outside because I wanted to experience nature in the winter season I usually avoid.  I walked every day in January and ended up with 137 miles.  The January pin is for walking at least a mile every day in January.  I will continue walking toward my 2,017 goal throughout the year, and will keep trying to give up the Pepsi.  Funny I thought that would be the easier of the 2 health goals I made.
     I'm happy January is over and am excited for one of my favorite months to start.  I'm looking forward to seeing what else I can do in a month.  

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